Ask Ted Nugent: The Nuge Weighs In on Hunting, Gibson Byrdlands, Absolutism and Ballsiness

Welcome to a new blog here at -- "Ask Ted Nugent" -- which is written by The Nuge himself.

Like any blog, it can change formats from week to week -- but to start things off, Ted answered some questions from the staff.

If you have questions of your own for his future blog posts, leave them in the comments below!

And now ... Ted Nugent:

On the importance of hunting in his life: My hunting lifestyle is the ultimate soul cleanser and "re-creator" of my spirit and energy. Venison is the rocket fuel for the healthiest life, and the hunting procedure is the last perfect environmental and spirit positive function available to mankind. I like to think of my life as downright perfect. It's thrilling living such a full, gratifying life so I live it to the max every day.

On his Gibson Byrdlands: The mighty Gibson Byrdland guitar is a magical piece of American craftsman artwork that has a musical voice all its own. A beast of an instrument that was created to provide a limitless pallet for creative sonic bombast and musical adventure that called my name from the very 1st time I witnessed its power in the hands of Jimmy McCarty of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels way back around 1961. This custom guitar is capable of more sounds than a normal human being is capable of dreaming of. But since I am not a normal human being, our love affair continues to produce soul cleansing and crotch inspiring sounds and love songs for the masses.

On why the music industry so liberal: Why do you think they call it dope? If they aren't currently stoned, they live in a cloud of denial due to their self imposed insulation from discomforting reality. Pathetic, really.

On why he's not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: I am unable to back off critical issues and play braindead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence. Real music lovers increase their love for my music as my absolutism and ballsiness increases.

On why being grounded is so important: I was raised to discipline myself to be the absolute best that I can be every day of my life in everything that I do. I am surrounded by the greatest, hardest-working team in the world. My amazing family, band, crew, management, production team, everybody in the Nugent camp are ass-kicking animals of the highest order.

On his most immediate influences: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, the godfathers of American R&B&R&R outrage. These guys knew they were making unprecedented, outrageous music that scared the living hell out of status quo sheep, and instead of obeying when told to tame it, they instead got more intense and more outrageous.

On the two free songs available on his website:

I Still Believe: I still believe in Americans with positive spirit, Herculean work ethic and a drive to be the very best that we can be. In spite of the suicidal path of the soulless Obama destructo derby, I still believe there are more Americans who love America than hate her.

I Love My BBQ: I have hunting and fishing buddies everywhere with fresh pure protein on hand at all times! Life is a BBQ and I love/crave every killin' and grillin' minute of it!

On why he pisses off so many people: In a world gone soft, a person like me who is virtually fearless to speak my mind appears over the top to soulless sheep. I am in charge of my life and it causes losers much anguish. That's just a bonus to being the best that I can be.

Ted Nugent is ... Ted Nugent! Check out his website for more information.

All photos: James & Maryln Brown

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