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CD Review: In Hearts Wake - Kaliyuga

(Image credit: supplied by label)


With its predecessors focussed on the Earth, sky and water elements, In Hearts Wake turn their enviro-conscious ire towards the flames on Kaliyuga: the world’s first carbon-negative metalcore record, and one of the Byron Bay quintet’s strongest efforts yet. 

It’s a fitting theme, given how absolutely scorching the riffs on this LP are. Strewn between the nu-metal spark of “Crisis” and the slick, acidic soloing on “2033” is a full spate of six-string sadism; standouts come in the numbing final breakdown on “Hellbringer”, the Southern warbles on “Crossroads” and the all-authorative crunches on “Force Of Life”. 

Braided with luminous flickers of melody and groove, Kaliyuga shines as an exceptionally dynamic showcase of intense passion, emotion and talent. And, true to the band’s form, it’s gonna sound insane live.