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Exclusive: The Relapse Symphony Premiere New EP, 'Time's Running Out'

Today, we're excited to be teaming up Washington D.C.-based rockers the Relapse Symphony for the exclusive premiere of their debut EP, Time's Running Out. Stream all five tracks via the SoundCloud player below.

As an added bonus, we caught up with guitarists J.C. Charles and Alex Foxx to talk gear, and find out just what this buzz-worthy band is all about. You can read an exclusive interview with the band below the stream.

Time's Running Out is out today on Standby Records. You can keep up with the band on their official Facebook page here.

What was your gear setup for the EP?

J.C. CHARLES: We used so much gear on these five songs, it's insane! For my main tone on the EP I used a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard into my Marshall Vintage Modern. I also doubled a lot of rhythm parts using a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio with P90's in it, just to give a different texture. Other amps I used a bit were an Orange Dual Terror, a Marshall JCM2000, and a Marshall JCM800. For pedals I used a POG2 a lot to fatten up certain sections, along with a Digitech Whammy and an Ibanez TubeScreamer.

ALEX FOXX: When I was recording my parts for the EP I used a Schecter S-1 that's been customized with overwound Gibson humbuckers out of a Gibson Les Paul Custom. For each song we recorded, we spent a lot of time searching for the tone that would best fit the style of the song or that particular section. I didn't use a lot of pedals, but when I needed a little something extra I used a Boss Blues Driver or a Swollen Pickle, and for my solos I mainly used my Boss Chorus CH-5 and Boss Delay DD-3.

How does that differ from your live setup?

J.C.: My recording setup is the polar opposite of my live setup. Live I like to keep things simple; my tone is Les Paul straight into my Marshall Vintage Modern. Every now and then I use my POG2, but for the most part it's just guitar and amp. You really can't beat a Gibson Les Paul going into an overdriven Marshall.

ALEX: My main guitar I use live is a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 that has more output than the S-1 I used on the EP. I also have a Schecter Damien 6 FR that I put Seymour Duncan Invaders in. I run that through a Marshall JCM800KKV. Live I have the same pedals I used on the EP as well as a BOSS Harmoinzer PS6. My live set up I feel is a lot more aggressive.

Who would you consider your biggest influence as a guitarist?
J.C.: That's hard to say, as I am a total fanboy when it comes to a lot of guitar players. My top three would be Slash, Frank Iero and Billy Joe Armstrong.

ALEX: My biggest influence I would say is Synyster Gates. I've always looked up to him and strive to be just as good as him one day.

Has work already started on a full-length debut?

J.C.: We are still in the pre-pro stages, but it's coming along. Alex just upgraded his entire home studio, so things are moving a lot smoother now.

ALEX: We have a lot of ideas were working on and trying to get to where we want and our happy with before we go into the studio.

What can fans expect when a full album finally drops?

J.C.: We are much more confident songwriters this time around. We started recording our EP the same week we decided to form this band. We were still finding our sound. The full-length will really pick up where Time's Running Out left off.

ALEX: There will be a lot more intricate guitar work, bigger hooks, bigger drums. We're always trying to incorporate elements from different types of music into our own. Best I can say is get ready to turn the volume all the way up and sing along.

Josh Hart

Josh Hart is a former web producer and staff writer for Guitar World and Guitar Aficionado magazines (2010–2012). He has since pursued writing fiction under various pseudonyms while exploring the technical underpinnings of journalism, now serving as a senior software engineer for The Seattle Times.