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Playlist: Andy Williams (Every Time I Die)

Originally published in Guitar World, December 2010

The Every Time I Die guitarist reveals his current iPod playlist.

Root for Ruin—Les Savy Fav

“A perfect record from a band that gets better with every release. Probably one of the most underrated and underappreciated bands ever.”

This Is Happening—LCD Soundsystem

“James Murphy is this generation’s David Bowie. Bold statement, I know, but this guy is a genius. He can make any normal riff a catchy chorus because his voice is so good and the guy understands a hook.”

Heavy Breathing—Black Breath

“For me, metal has become safe and lame. I remember hearing Left Hand Path by Entombed and thinking they were gonna saw me in half and eat me. Well, that feeling came back when I heard this band and saw them live. Take the triggers off the drums, shove your 808-drops up your ass and buy this record. It’s perfect metal.”

Life Swallower—Alpha & Omega

“Crossover hardcore was a big part of my life. In the last few years, bands really let that slip. Alpha & Omega are the best of hardcore and metal. If this record had come out in the late Eighties, I would put their poster on my wall. Hell, if they had one now I probably would.”

Pony Express Record—Shudder to Think

“Guitarist Nathan Larson is a god. The melodies he wrote on this record are just retarded. The guitar tone is perfect, too: punchy, crunchy, and smooth when it has to be. Pony Express Record is a permanent fixture on my playlists.”