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Playlist: Joel O'Keefe (Airbourne)

Originally published in Guitar World, July 2010

The Airbourne frontman gives Guitar World a taste of what's on his iPod.

Rose Tattoo—“Rock ’N’ Roll Outlaw”

“It’s a solid rocker that evokes the rebel within—a true classic Aussie pub anthem that makes you want to drink the place dry.”

Kix—“Hot Wire”

“A hard and fast rocker from the blazing Hot Wire album that’s always guaranteed to get your heart pumpin’ and the place thumpin’.”

AC/DC—“Dog Eat Dog”

“From Let There Be Rock. That album is a rip-roaring rollercoaster of true guitar power and landmark songs, and ‘Dog Eat Dog’ is a testament to that.”

Rhino Bucket—“She’s a Screamer”

“This is a great song about wild women, with a killer four-chord guitar groove and a scream-ya-nuts-off chorus.”

The Angels—“Dog’s Are Talking”

“A solid rocker from the hard-rockin’ Beyond Salvation album. It has great motoring guitars and a big chorus guaranteed to tear up a pub on any given occasion.”