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Alpaca's Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Is Built to Withstand the Elements — Video

Vermont-based news channel WPTZ (where my late-Nineties girlfriend used to work!) recently published a feature on the Alpaca carbon fiber travel guitar, a "special guitar made to withstand the elements."

As always, we thought we'd share!

"It can actually be put in the water, and then taken out and played, and be done again the next day. It is impervious to water," Alpaca Guitar Co. founder and designer Chris Duncan told WPTZ.

Duncan says it can also stand up to extreme temperatures that would destroy a wooden guitar. The Alpaca can also take bumps, whacks and various impacts.

"We don't really know to what extent. We don't drop them on purpose any more. So, we know they will take a blow," Duncan said.

Company literature adds that the Alpaca is a go-anywhere "adventure guitar." It is made (in Vermont, of course) of carbon fiber, flax fabric and bio-derived resins. This combination produces a lightweight and strong instrument with a resonant sound.

"The Alpaca will handle anything a good adventure brings; dirt, water, bumps and bruises. An embedded daisy chain on the back provides a strong universal attachment to any of your outdoor gear," the company says.

For more about Alpaca guitars, watch the video below and visit For the WPTZ story, which features WPTZ's own video, head here.