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BBE Launches Mini Sonic Stomp

(Image credit: BBE Sound)

BBE Sound has introduced a new compact version of its BBE Sonic Stomp pedal called the Mini Sonic Stomp.

From the company:

Musicians the world over have been asking for a compact BBE Sonic Stomp pedal to suit today’s smaller pedalboards, and the new mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 answers the call perfectly. The MS-92 features the same all-analog BBE processor IC for equivalent performance to the larger SS-92, with a new circuit board and control layout engineered to fit the mini chassis.

The Sonic Stomp is a pedal version of the acclaimed BBE Sonic Maximizer rackmount processor, providing dramatically improved clarity and definition to sound thanks to its proprietary BBE audio technology. Used with electric guitars, it helps an amp cut through a band mix with dramatically improved note definition in chords and solos. Even with a wall of distortion, the distinct harmonic elements can be heard clearly, while time-based effects take on a new level of realism and natural dimensionality. If low-end punch is the goal, Sonic Stomp’s Lo Contour control brings out meaty chunk without the mud, highly effective for overdriven guitar humbuckers and basses alike. Sonic Stomp has been described like lifting a blanket off an amp. And now, the mini Sonic Stomp delivers the same experience in half the size.

  • The new Sonic Stomp MS-92 offers:
  • • Improved clarity and definition
  • • Improved low-end punch without muddiness
  • • Same low-noise performance as full-size Sonic Stomp SS-92

The Sonic Stomp MS-92 has an MSRP $145, with street price of about $99.99.

The video below shows the full-size Sonic Stomp Maximizer pedal, but the Mini Sonic Stomp produces the same sound in a smaller format.