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Burriss Amps Introduces New Boostiest 2.5 Pedal

Burriss Amps have just introduced the Boostiest 2.5, which is the updated version of their Boostiest II stomp box.

The Boostiest 2.5 combines two totally independent gain pedals in a single enclosure. The input side boasts a fully adjustable gain preamp, while the output side features a “TS” flavored overdrive circuit.

“I believe the topography we use gives the best combination for a big clean tone and a fatter overdrive tone,” says designer Bob Burriss. “We’ve wanted to bring the quality and versatility of the Boostiest II to a larger market and, through a new circuit configuration and simplified graphics, we’re able to make that happen with the Boostiest 2.5.”

The new Boostiest 2.5 has a MSRP of $174.99.