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Fulltone Unveils New Supa-Trem Jr. Pedal

(Image credit: Fulltone)

Fulltone has unveiled its new Supa-Trem Jr. pedal, the successor to its long-popular Supa-Trem 1. 

Featuring  a smaller enclosure, the Supa-Trem Jr packs square, sine and  heartbeat-like warble waveforms, with the option of speeds so slow that a  full cycle takes an even 10 seconds, while the fastest speeds will hit  220bpm.

The pedal also contains a half/double hold  feature, up to 15dB of boost, onboard tap tempo—with external tap  jack—and true bypass switching. Like the Supa-Trem 1, it’s fuelled by an  Analog Devices JFET preamp plus Fulltone’s Opto-1 Photocell, and offers  rate, mix and volume controls.

The Supa-Trem Jr. will be available August 15. The price of the pedal has yet to be determined.

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