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Guitar World: June 2013 Videos

These videos are bonus content related to the June 2013 issue of Guitar World. Check out this month's issue for full tabs, transcriptions and lessons.

Column Videos

In Deep: Slidedog — the Slide Guitar Mastery of Duane Allman
Metal For Life: Modes to Success — Mastering the Fundamental Modes Across the Entire Fretboard
All That Jazz: Expand Your Soloing Vocabulary with the Half-Whole Symmetrical Diminished Scale
Prog-Gnosis: Roller-Coaster Ride — Seven-String Arpeggios
String Theory: The Winding Road, Part 1 — How to Create a Rolling Melody Using Chord Tones and Passing Tones
United Stringdom: Economic Boon — Using Alternate and Economy Picking to Play Blazingly Fast Runs
Talkin' Blues: The Visionary, Pioneering Soloing Style of Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Hole Notes: The Fleet-Fingered Moves of Six- and 12-String Virtuoso Leo Kottke

Gear Videos

Review: Ernie Ball Music Man Armada Guitar
Review: PRS Guitars SE Custom 24 7-String
Review: Reverend Guitars Bayonet
Review: Bogner Ecstasy Blue and Red Pedals
Buzz Bin Review: Chaosound Anti-Effect Pedal