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Mattoverse Announces New Drone Tone MkIII

Mattoverse Electronics has introduced the Drone Tone MkIII, a pitch and rate controllable square wave oscillator in a guitar pedal format.   

The new iteration adds onboard tap tempo, tempo sync input (0-5V), internal pitch range control and top mounted jacks.

Controls on the Drone Tone include oscillator Pitch, Rate, Mix and Tone. The pedal can be used standalone or with an instrument input. A mix control sets the volume of the square wave oscillator at the output jack.

According to Mattoverse, the Drone Tone also “does weird things to the clipping on gain-based pedals and is fun with delays and loopers.” 

The Drone Tone MkIII is available in limited quantities for a price of $159

For more information or to purchase head to