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Maxon Debuts New Robert Keeley-Modded 40th Anniversary OD808

(Image credit: Maxon)

Maxon has unveiled its new Robert Keeley-modded 40th Anniversary OD808 pedal.

The second 40th Anniversary OD808 Maxon has announced this year, this pedal—like its predecessor—features a mini-toggle switch to go between original and Max-Gain modes. 400 of the pedals will be produced, 40 of which will be signed by Keeley himself.

“The sleek and classic sounding Maxon OD808 has always been a favorite of mine," Keeley said of the pedal. "What I have always wanted to do is fully realize the mods in my head.

“I wanted to change several aspects at once. For this 40th anniversary edition I put everything into making it a very hot, stacked gain sounding overdrive. It is everything a classic OD808 is, just maxed out!”

The Maxon Robert Keeley-modded 40th Anniversary OD808 pedal is available now for $199, for an unsigned pedal, or $400, for a signed pedal.

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