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Meet the Pole Position Sliding-Pickup Guitar — Video

We have another new product for you—something that recently appeared on Kickstarter.

It's the Pole Position guitar, which features a sliding pickup.

We'll let the manufacturer take it from here:

The patented Pole Position guitar was specifically designed to offer guitarists the greatest possible range and control over their tone. Whereas other guitars have a stationary pickup (or pickups) offering a limited number of tone choices, the Pole Position utilizes a single moveable pickup to offer unlimited choices.

The player can slide the pickup to any position from the bridge to the base of the neck to achieve subtle or dramatic changes in tone as often as desired, even while playing.

Canavan Musical Products has been developing the Pole Position guitar for two years, producing a series of designs that culminated in the current prototype featured in the video below.

It features:

  • Patented slider mechanism with humbucker pickup
  • Superior construction details, including 1 3/4" thick body
  • Natural wood finish, maple neck and fretboard, 3-ply (b/w/b) pickguard, and signature CMP headstock design.

For more about the Pole Position Guitar, visit its page on Kickstarter.