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NAMM 2014 Video: L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical Acoustic Guitar Microphone — with Demo

During the 2014 Winter NAMM Show, the Guitar World crew visited the L.R. Baggs booth to check out the company's Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone and the brand-new Lyric Classical model.

In our exclusive video below, Mike Newsom from L.R. Baggs discusses the Lyric. After that, you get to enjoy an impressive demo by guitarist Omar Torrez, who was the featured performer at the L.R. Baggs booth all weekend long.

Note that, above the video, we've also included a Soundcloud clip of Torrez performing a piece called "La Danza" with the Lyric Classical.

From the Lyric review in the March 2014 issue of Guitar World: "When it comes to amplifying an acoustic guitar, a microphone may be the best way to capture the instrument’s natural sound and nuances, but it’s not the easiest.

"Miking an acoustic guitar in the studio involves placing several mics in strategic locations and using a variety of preamps and limiters as well as EQ. Onstage, it inevitably involves compromises to prevent feedback and avoid unwieldy setups that can restrict a performer’s movement."

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