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Review: Mono M80 Vertigo Gig Bag and Guitar Tick

(Image credit: Mono Creators)

It’s been more than 20 years since I actually used a guitar case to transport my electric guitar to a performance. I’ve always used gig bags.

Why? Because they’re easier to quickly get going by slinging your axe on your shoulder and far more travel-worthy and less cumbersome than a hardshell case.

Of course, quality, safety and comfort are key when it comes to gig bags for your electric guitar. Mono is well known for making premium guitar gig bags and their newest release, the M80 Vertigo electric guitar case, along with its companion storage module, the Guitar Tick, makes traveling with your guitar and gear a breeze.

Several features that separate the Vertigo from other gig bags are its top-loading design that allows you to unzip and easily remove your guitar from the top rather than laying it down flat. The Vertigo also uses a patented Headlock suspension system to firmly support your guitar’s neck, so you won’t need to strap it down, and also prevents damage from backward drops and side-to-side impacts.

The bottom of the Vertigo features The Boot, which happens to look like a sneaker sole for good reason—to absorb and cushion hard drops. Inside, its hi-density foam at the bottom also protects strap pins from nasty vertical drops. The Vertigo is built to military specs, making it one of the most rugged gig bags, and also features reinforced ABS plastic panels on its outer shell, double zippers, specialized storage compartments and a riveted handle.

If that’s not enough, the Vertigo is equipped with triple-D ring attachments for the optional Guitar Tick, a modular tool case, which offers even more storage for accessories (and can even fit a small pedalboard!) that cleverly attaches to the top of the Vertigo case.

STREET PRICE $249.99, Vertigo; $89.99 Guitar Tick