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Review: Neunaber Wet Reverb V4 Pedal

(Image credit: Neunaber Audio Effects)


My love of effect pedals goes well beyond the normal obsession, but if I were ever limited to having just one effect (with no multi-effect cheating) my choice would be easy: reverb.

Which reverb pedal to choose would be a more difficult decision, but the Neunaber Wet Reverb V4 is a strong contender, combining simple, straightforward operation, plenty of performance versatility, and drop-dead gorgeous professional sound quality.

The latest V4 revision adds a tone control and “soft” (i.e. non-clicking) footswitch, making an already great pedal that much better.

With its mono input and output and three-control design (mix, depth, and tone), the Neunaber Wet Reverb V4 is the essence of simplicity when it comes to digital reverb effect pedals. However, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve that make it a much more sophisticated product than it appears on the surface. Three user-selectable bypass modes allow players to configure bypass to their performance needs.

In trails mode the reverb effect fades out naturally; in normal mode the reverb effect ends abruptly when the bypass footswitch is engaged; and in two-stage bypass mode the reverb trail remains as long as the footswitch is held down and cut off when the switch is released. The standard version of the pedal features a buffered bypass circuit that always buffers the signal whether the pedal is on or off, but a true bypass option is available for $20 that changes the bypass modes to buffered trails, true bypass/normal (without trails), and two-stage bypass.

While the Neunaber Wet Reverb may have only three controls, it can dial in a wide range of stunning reverb effects. The mix control’s range is from 0 to 100 percent wet (so you place it in a parallel effect loop), and the depth control, which adjust the length of the reverb tail, can dial in anything from small room reverb to massive hall and “cathedral” reverbs. The tone control lets you adjust the tone of the reverb effect as dark or bright as you like it. The Wet Reverb’s effects sound stunning, with smooth, luscious tails that sound as good as coveted studio rack digital reverb units from the late Eighties and Nineties.

The sound quality alone is good reason to consider this pedal, but being able to custom configure the bypass mode is what really seals the deal and makes the Neunaber Wet Reverb a leading contender for gigging pros and the players who want to sound like them alike.

STREET PRICE: $179 ($199 with true bypass option)
MANUFACTURER: Neunaber Audio Effects,

• Three bypass modes allow users to configure whether the reverb trails sustain or are cut off when the bypass footswitch is engaged.

• The mix control is fully adjustable from 100 percent dry to 100 percent wet for use in any pedalboard or effect loop setup.

The Neunaber Wet Reverb V4 is a deceptively simple stompbox that provides a wide variety of professional-quality reverb effects and textures and useful performance features.

Chris Gill

Chris is the co-author of Eruption - Conversations with Eddie Van Halen. He is a 40-year music industry veteran who started at Boardwalk Entertainment (Joan Jett, Night Ranger) and Roland US before becoming a guitar journalist in 1991. He has interviewed more than 600 artists, written more than 1,400 product reviews and contributed to Jeff Beck’s Beck 01: Hot Rods and Rock & Roll and Eric Clapton’s Six String Stories.