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See the Purple Special, the Last Guitar Made for Prince

The last guitar ever made for Prince, who died one year ago today (April 21, 2016) at age 57, was a custom job crafted by Simon "Gus" Farmer of the U.K.'s Gus Guitars.

Farmer actually started working on the ultra-sleek-looking instrument 10 years ago but gave it to Prince only about a month before the guitarist died. Thankfully for Farmer, it was enough time for Prince to play it in concert—and even order a bass from Farmer.

"The Purple Special I built for Prince was the ultimate expression of my G1 design and every aspect tailored to suit him," Farmer wrote on his website. "Focused as he was on solo piano recently, I was nevertheless so looking forward to seeing him rip it up on that guitar as only he could and am devastated to think that won't happen now.

As Farmer told the BBC, "He didn't have it long—but long enough to enjoy it."

"He liked it and ordered a bass straight away, which I was working on when he died," Farmer added. "It was amazing to see he had performed with it and liked it so much he wanted another guitar from me. I've been told it was the last guitar he owned."

You can check out a video that shows the guitar below.