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TC Electronic Introduces the Brainwaves Pitch Shifter

TC Electronic has introduced its new Brainwaves Pitch Shifter. The dual-voiced pedal offers four polyphonic pitch effects: “Pitch,” which adds up to two additional voices up or down; “Whammy” for dive-bomb-like sounds; “Detune,” a chorus-type effect, and “V1-V2,” which allows the user to bend Voice 1 to Voice 2 for “ethereal pitch bends or pseudo lap steel tones.”

There’s also the company's pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch, which makes it possible to bend pitch-shifted notes similar to an expression pedal, a "Mix" knob for blending the wet and dry signal and TonePrint Editor integration, allowing the user to design custom intervals, reassign parameters and more via TC Electronic's TonePrint app.

Other features of the Brainwaves include true bypass and buffered bypass modes and stereo and mono inputs and outputs.

For more information, head over to TC Electronic.