Teisco Unveils Three New Pedals

Japanese pedal maker Teisco has introduced three new stompboxes, the Teisco Delay, Teisco Fuzz and Teisco Boost.

All three units boasts all-analog circuitry housed in zinc-alloy enclosures with high-gloss designs. There’s also textured base plates for stronger Velcro adhesion.

The Teisco Delay boasts up to 600ms delay time, a modulation section and a direct out; the Boost features a field-effect transistor (FET) for softer, more organic clipping and an EQ profile switch for “extra tweakability” and the Fuzz sports a classic silicon circuit with switchable upper octave to achieve Seventies-style fuzz tones.

The Teisco Delay is being offered for $149, while the Boost and Fuzz sell for $129. All three will be available March 15. 

For more information. Head over to Teisco.com.