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You're Probably Using Locking Tuners the Wrong Way

Do you use locking tuners? If so, Trey Xavier from Gear Gods has news for you: If you’re like a lot of guitarists, you’re probably using them the wrong way.

As Trey points out, “The concept behind locking tuners is very simple: a little clamp inside the tuning posts grabs your string and keeps it from becoming loose, and you can tighten it with a little knob on the back.”

The problems begin when guitarists attempt to do the very thing that the locking tuners do away with: the need to wrap your string around the post.

Notes Trey, “I’m gonna show you how to use the locking tuner the way it’s meant to be used."

Get watching. And when you’re done, visit Gear Gods’ YouTube channel for more great videos.

Guitar World Staff

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