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Guitar World: Holiday 2011 Issue Video Downloads

The Holiday 2011 issue of Guitar World is available now.

To download the Holiday issue videos, right-click with your mouse and "save as."

All videos, single download link (very large file!)

The Beatles: intro and "Something"

The Beatles: "Something" solo

The Beatles: "Blackbird"

The Beatles: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

The Beatles: "Dear Prudence"

The Beatles: "Strawberry Fields Forever"

The Beatles: "She's a Woman"

Opeth: "Deliverance"

Opeth: "The Devil's Orchard"

Opeth: "Face of Melinda"

Opeth: "The Grand Conjuration"

Opeth: "Hessian Peel"

Opeth: "Folklore"

Dale Turner: Hole Notes

Metal Mike Chlasciak: Metal for Life

Keith Wyatt: Talkin' Blues

Guthrie Govan: Professor Shred

Gear Reviews

Epiphone '61 Reissue Casino 50th Anniversary hollowbody electric guitar

Fender Super-Sonic 100 head

Gretsch G6136STL Silver Falcon electric guitar

Pritchard Gold ESTOC amplifier

Seymour Duncan Artist Signature YJM Fury STK-S10 pickups

Vox Night Train amplifier