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Learn to Solo in Just Five Minutes

Some of you might recognize guitarist Steve Stine; after all, we've been running his lessons at for years, first via LessonFace and now through GuitarZoom.

Below, we'd like to share one of his more popular GuitarZoom lessons, "Learn to Solo in Five Minutes." In the clip, Stine demonstrates his “six-note solo technique,” which makes it easy to start soloing ASAP. “And it works over any chords,” he says.

The fingering pattern is simple, but it requires that you bring your own sense of melody to the process. “It’s not that you have to know a bunch of licks and things like that,” he says. “The first thing you need to do is learn how to what I call ‘meander,’ which is just moving around playing those notes in different orders, with different rhythms."

Be sure to check out Stine’s other tutorials on his YouTube channel and on