Monster Licks Unleashed: Stretching the Limits with Glenn Proudfoot

In this Monster Lick Unleashed, I'm using the diminished 7th scale in the key of E. The notes used in the scale are E, G, Bb and C#.

I particularly love this scale for the intense sound it creates when played fast or slow. This scale is perfect to use in combination with the pentatonic.

This lick combines some of my favorite techniques for creating runs and passages in solos. I'm always looking to keep a flow going with my soloing. My goal is always to be able to switch in and out of different techniques with ease and fluidity.

Obviously, I practice every separate technique with intensity until I have it mastered, but when it comes time to add the ideas to my soling, I focus very heavily on the transitions between the different techniques.

This lick is very fast and out there, but the thing to take from it is how you can combine these techniques. This is an extreme example, but you can apply the same ideas to any style of solo.

When I'm writing music, I tend to break up these techniques more and focus on melody rather than pure shred. There are sections in some of my songs where things get really crazy, but for the most part when using these techniques I wouldn't shred them out like this.

But this is how I practice them. I push myself to the maximum when practicing things like this, so when it comes time to write, I can whip out these ideas with no problem. This should be your focus, too. Push yourself to your limits.

All of us have different ways of playing and various styles; it's not important to play this exactly the way I do. What's important is that you understand the ideas and techniques behind the lick and create your own version.

I hope you enjoy this Monster Lick Unleashed! Join me on YouTube right here! Contact me through or my Facebook page.

Australia's Glenn Proudfoot has played and toured with major signed bands and artists in Europe and Australia, including progressive rockers Prazsky Vyber. Glenn released his first instrumental solo album, Lick Em, in 2010. It's available on iTunes and at His brand-new instrumental album — Ineffable — is out now and is available through and iTunes (opens in new tab).

Monster Licks - Unleashed No 5a (opens in new tab)

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