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Aguilar Amplification launches the ultra-compact DB 599 Bass Compressor pedal

Aguilar Amplification DB 599
(Image credit: Aguilar Amplification)

Aguilar Amplification has launched its latest bass guitar pedal, the DB 599 Bass Compressor.

Boasting a mini pedal-sized enclosure, the DB 599's control layout is super simple, with a footswitch to engage and bypass the effect, and two knobs for dialing compression amount and gain.

Interestingly, the unit also features a gig-saver bypass function, which allows the signal to pass through unhindered in the event of its power supply dying mid-song.

Says Aguilar: “[The DB 599] for bassists seeking a no-fuss, easy-to-dial-in way to add compression to their signal chain without altering the character of their bass or sacrificing their low-end.” In addition, the company promises clean, silent performance, making it ideal for studio settings.

The DB 599 will be available from mid-May for $169. For more information, head to Aguilar Amplification.

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