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Alone at 3AM Premiere New Song, "I'm Dying"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "I'm Dying," a new song by Alone at 3AM.

The track is from the Midwestern band's new album, Show the Blood, which will be released September 18 via Sofaburn Records.

"This song is about growing up and hearing my parents fight over money," says Alone at 3AM frontman Max Fender. "We were lucky that my dad always kept a job doing carpentry during the Nineties. A lot of families weren't so lucky.

"It was recorded with my Mesa/Boogie Maverick 4x10 amp and faded 2002 Gibson SG. I love the crunch!"

On the new album, Fender ruminates on his home in the Midwest, a place that's never quite here or there. And though influences can be heard throughout—a buzz through Detroit, Southern California or St. Paul—the end result is a testament to the power of a confident and road-tested rock band coming to terms with living in the in-between.

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