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Analog Alien Unveils the EPI Pedal

Analog Alien Guitar Pedals has joined forces with legendary pro-audio designer Paul Wolff of Fix Audio to create the EPI (Effects Pedal Interface).

The EPI is a high-end routing pedal that enables you to take the signal from your effects pedal and record it directly into your DAW or analog tape deck, professionally — without any loss of signal or fidelity. The EPI does this by automatically adjusting the impedance and voltage levels coming from your effects pedals, so that they will interface properly with professional recording studio levels. The EPI also has -10 dBu RCA input and output jacks for connection to non-professional signal operating levels.

The pedal has two separate insertion points (A and B) that are independent of each other. These insertion points enable you to set up two separate signal chains and switch between either of them, or have them both on at that same time. You can blend both signal paths independently from each other, and then combine them at the balanced XLR, buffered 1/4" or -10 dBu RCA outputs.

Highlights and features include:

• Using the EPI as a direct box
• Re-amping
• Dual effects loop insertion with or without effect at guitar input, and on the thru output
• Tri and quad amp output configurations
• Six output configuration: using either the 1/4” guitar input, or XLR balanced input
• Using the EPI with a 500 Series Rack
• Adding effects pedals to a pre-recorded track
• Using the EPI return insertion jacks as a summing box

For DJs, turntablists, and DJ composers: 

• Use the EPI to add effects pedal and/or instruments to your rig, in a mono configuration
• Add effects and/or instruments while using 1/4” or XLR outputs from your controller or mixer, in a stereo configuration
• Add effects and/or instruments while using RCA outputs from your controller or mixer, in a stereo configuration

Street orice is $349, and you can download the EPI tech manual here.

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