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Andy James Shares Playthrough Video of New Instrumental Song, “Equinox”

Andy James’s new all-instrumental album, Arrival, will be released on October 19 via Urban Yeti Records. In anticipation of the effort, the British guitar shredder has shared the video for “Equinox.”

Says James about Arrival: "If I had to sum up the album in one sentence it would be 'Five Finger Death Punch meets Satriani with a hint of Def Leppard.' Obviously, I’m using more familiar names to sum up my own music, but the playing definitely sounds like me. It’s just more to illustrate quickly what you can expect, before pressing play.”

He continues: "The album I would say is definitely more song focused than anything else, with big riffs, melodic choruses and phrasing with hints of shred thrown in to glue it all together!”

Check out “Equinox” above, and pre-order Arrival here.