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Australian Man Uses Acoustic Guitar to Fend Off Crocodile

Micko Srbinovska of Darwin, Australia, used a guitar to fend off a crocodile that wandered into his family's lounge room early Saturday morning. It seems the croc was an escapee from the nearby Darwin Crocodile Farm.

Srbinovska, 42, was awakened by his wife, Jo Dodd, who saw the roughly 5.5-foot-long aquatic reptile lurking alarmingly close to their bedroom door.

"Our dog was outside the bedroom door barking loudly," Dodd, 42, told the Herald Sun. "I opened the sliding door and saw the crocodile right outside the door. It is pretty full-on when there is a crocodile in your lounge room -- I nearly died."

Srbinovska got up, put on some pants, grabbed a nearby acoustic guitar and edged out of the bedroom across the lounge room toward the phone, where he called the local Crocodile Management Unit.

Crocodile catcher Dani Best showed up, and she wrestled the crocodile into submission.

People in Srbinovska's neighborhood say 15 crocodiles have made appearances on their properties in the past five years.

For more on this story, including photos of the actual crocodile and of Srbinovska in his Kiss T-shirt, clutching the acoustic guitar in question, read the Herald Sun story.