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Blind Guardian Invite Fans to Join in Re-Recording "The Bard's Song"

After tragedy struck Japan back in March when a devastating earthquake and tsunami left the country in shambles, EMI Music launched a program to help victims of the natural disasters in Japan.

Germany's Blind Guardian took part in the effort by offering fans an opportunity to join the band in the studio to re-record their classic track, "The Bard's Song," taken from the band's 1992 album, Somewhere Far Beyond. The time, which was auctioned off on eBay, was purchased by David McGregor of Quebec, Canada, for around $1900.

McGregor -- along with friends Martin and Karlos -- got to visit Twilight Hall Studio to help the band finish their re-recording of "The Bard's Song," guiding the band on how the final mix should sound, and even contributing backing vocals and bass lines to the final version,

Guardian frontman Hansi Kursch commented on the experience, saying: "The catastrophe on March 11 in Japan has affected the whole world and the horrible consequences will be felt for years to come. We didn't have to think twice when asked by our former record company EMI if we would like to take part in this fantastic relief project."

You can check out the song, including footage from the studio, below.