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Boost your doom tones with Ananashead Effects’ new GT73 overdrive

Ananashead GT73 overdrive
(Image credit: Ananashead Effects)

Barcelona-based Ananashead Effects has introduced the GT73, a new drive pedal that promises to “add some ‘70s doomy grit to your chain.”

The hand-made design is based on the 1973 Matamp GT120 preamp, and sports a master volume control and solid state components rather than tubes.

The six-knob pedal updates the previous big-box GT73, with the original’s JFETs replaced by an SMD equivalent. 

Controls are Master, Bass-Boost, Presence, Volume, Treble and Bass, with the original Drive control fixed on the “Stage Bright” setting and the Bass-Boost rotary switch changed out for a potentiometer, allowing for a reduced enclosure size.

Other features include shielded inputs and outputs, a 9VDC input and true bypass switching,

The GT73 is offered for 140 € (approx. $170). For more information or to purchase, check out Ananashead Effects.