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Boston Guitarist Tom Scholz Ordered to Pay $132,000 in Court Fees After Failed Lawsuit

The Associated Press reports that Boston guitarist Tom Scholz has been ordered to pay $132,000 to the Boston Herald newspaper for court fees resulting from Scholz's unsuccessful lawsuit against the newspaper.

The lawsuit was centered around Scholz's claim that the Herald suggested Scholz was responsible for the 2007 suicide of Boston singer Brad Delp.

A Superior Court judge recently ruled that the Herald couldn't be held liable for defaming Scholz because it is not impossible to know what caused the singer to commit suicide. The judge ordered the guitarist to pay for court costs, including stenography services, transcribing depositions, filing fees and more.

Scholz's attorneys say he shouldn't have to pay the fees, but the judge disagrees, saying that such costs could effect "free expression of ideas and opinions by media defendants."

Scholz founded Boston in the 1970s. Check out Guitar World's 2006 interview with Scholz right here. For more about Delp's suicide, check out this 2007 story.