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Channel swirly Leslie cab goodness in a plugin with Eventide’s new Rotary Mod

(Image credit: Eventide)

Eventide has released the Rotary Mod, which promises classic Leslie cab sounds from a plugin.

Delivering a “digitalization of the iconic Leslie electro-mechanical rotating horn and baffle speaker cabinets that became integral to the sound of Hammond organs,” the plugin produces a pulse-like vibrato effect varying with the modeled speed of rotation.

Features include the ability to change the speed of the rotor and horn independently and adjust the mix of the two to produce pulsing effects and special vibratos, as well as add frequency modulation to the rotor and horn speed using secondary LFO with selectable modulation source.

The Rotary also offers various cab sizes (Standard or Giant), a “Hicut” control for deep sound sculpting, a Ribbon control to change any combination of parameters simultaneously, Tap Tempo to sync effect to the bpm of a given song, a “Mix Lock” function to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant and more

The Rotary Mod is available for Mac, PC and iOS and supports VST, AAX, and AU plugin protocols for compatibility with every DAW.

The plugin is available for $99, with an introductory price of $39 through May 31 (the iOS version is offered for $7.99).

For more information, head to Eventide.