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Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Feds Over Gibson Raids

It's ironic that the only man willing to stand up to the law is Walker, Texas Ranger.

Actor Chuck Norris chimed in on the latest Gibson factory raid in his latest column for

"Armed federal agents raided the offices and factories of the legendary Gibson Guitar Corp.," Norris writes. "It was the second time the feds had ransacked the renowned Tennessee guitar-maker since President Barack Obama took office. And what were they going after? Dirty laundering monies? Gun smugglers? Cocaine cargo that could make cartels quiver? No. The federal search and seizure sought to capture ... ready? Wood."

Norris goes on to discuss the Lacey Act, which was signed by President William McKinley on May 25, 1900.

"Initially, the act was adopted to prevent big-game poachers from killing endangered birds in Africa, particularly to regulate trade in feathered hats. It was later expanded and amended to include endangered plants and illegalize the importing of all forms of fauna and flora, including wood, which was added to the act just three years ago.

"So what was Gibson Guitar's specific crime?" he asks.

To find out -- and to see how Fox News and the feds fit into all this, read the rest of Norris' column here.