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Collision Devices launches eco-friendly Ranch drive, dynamic tremolo and boost pedal

(Image credit: Collision Devices)

Collision Devices has unveiled the Ranch, an eco-friendly drive, dynamic tremolo and boost pedal.

The eco-minded pedal is constructed of medium-density walnut and covered with a slice of Pinatex, a leather-like pineapple leaf fiber that is also an agricultural waste product.  

Each pedal is then polished with linseed oil that is cold-pressed in France and has not been chemically treated.

As for Ranch's functioning?

There are three knobs at the top of the face - Dust (drive), Bright and Strength (volume) - that serve as the Drive controls.

The tremolo settings, meanwhile, are located inside the pedal and can be set with a screwdriver.

A depth setting controls the presence of the tremolo, while sensitivity handles the attack response.

Finally, the Boost volume is set with a trimmer inside the pedal.

Continuing the eco theme, each pedal is shipped in a recycled cardboard box wrapped with linseed string, and the unit is protected in the package by locally-crushed forest wood fragments. Collision suggests using the extra fragments as mulching for plants or gardens.

The Ranch is available for $371.94, with pre-orders shipping on July 20. The first 25 pedals are also shipped with a handmade Pinatex handbag. 

For more information, head to Collision Devices or grab one now at Reverb.