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David Lee Roth on Eddie Van Halen: "I’m His Biggest Fan"

While Eddie Van Halen has remained largely silent this year around the release of the band's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, David Lee Roth has done a few select interviews. And in true Diamond Dave fashion, he's always good for a few quotes.

Speaking to the New York Post recently, Roth was asked about his relationship with Eddie Van Halen, with the interviewer referring to them as the "ultimate definition of 'frenemies.'"

"We’re doing a lot of tunes that don’t usually get out of the deck," said Roth, "and Edward is more lucid now than any time in my memory. I’m his biggest fan. I still remember the first time I saw him playing in a backyard party in Pasadena in high school. He was great then and he’s great now. We’ve come full circle."

Perhaps the most memorable response of the interview came when Roth was asked why so many women still show up to Van Halen shows.

"We’ve always paid a lot of attention to women," Roth responded. "Do you think I’d wear yellow-anything for guys? Do you think I move anything below elbow level in honor of my bros? Come on! Every night is ladies night and that feeling is right."

You can read the full interview here.