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Death: Unreleased 'Human' Rehearsal Track Streaming Online is exclusively streaming an unreleased Death track from the upcoming 20th anniversary reissue of Human. The track, a rehearsal version of the song "Together As One," can be streamed here.

Human, originally released in the fall of 1991, has been remixed under the watchful eye of longtime Death producer Jim Morris. Human 2011 also has been remastered and repackaged and features more than an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased early demo tracks.

Human was Death's best selling album in the United States, landing at No. 34 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

The complete tracklisting of songs included in the three-disc set of Human can be found below.

Disc One

  • 'Flattening Of Emotions'
  • 'Suicide Machine'
  • 'Together As One'
  • 'Secret Face'
  • 'Lack Of Comprehension'
  • 'See Through Dreams'
  • 'Cosmic Sea'
  • 'Vacant Planets'
  • 'God Of Thunder' (Bonus Track)

Disc Two:

'Flattening Of Emotions' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Suicide Machine' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Together As One' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Secret Face' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Secret Face' - Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Lack Of Comprehension' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
"Felt Good" - Studio Snippet
'See Through Dreams' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'See Through Dreams' - Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Vacant Planets' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Cosmic Sea' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Cosmic Sea' Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'God Of Thunder' (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
'Flattening Of Emotions' (Human Demos)
'Lack Of Comprehension' (Human Demos)
'Suicide Machine' (Human Demos)
'Together As One' (Human Demos)
'See Through Dreams' (Human Demos)
'Secret Face' (Instrumental-Human Demos)
'Vacant Planets' (Instrumental-Human Demos)

Disc Three:

'See Through Dreams' with Paul and Sean ( Rehearsal January, 1991)
'See Through Dreams' (Take 2) w/ Paul and Sean (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Secret Face' - without Paul - 1/2 song (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Secret Face' (Take 2) - w/o Paul (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Secret Face' - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Flattening Of Emotions' - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Lack Of Comprehension' - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Lack Of Comprehension' (Take 2) - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'Cosmic Sea' - Riffs with Drum Machine (Rehearsal January, 1991)
'See Through Dreams' (Rehearsal August, 1990)
'Suicide Machine' (Rehearsal August, 1990)
'Together As One' (Rehearsal August, 1990)
'Suicide Machine' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Together As One' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Secret Face' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Lack Of Comprehension' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Vacant Planets' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Flattening Of Emotions' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'See Through Dreams' (Drum And Bass Tracks)
'Cosmic Sea' (Drum And Bass Tracks)