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DiMarzio unmasks the Jim Root ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Strap

(Image credit: DiMarzio)

Slipknot’s Jim Root was recently named (along with band mate Mick Thomson) the best metal guitarist in the world today, and now the electric guitar player also known as #4 can add another notch to his belt - his own DiMarzio ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Strap.

The new Jim Root #4 signature strap, like all DiMarzio ClipLock offerings, features heavy-duty plastic clips that secure to the guitar with bushings, providing super-secure fastening and allowing players to change from one guitar to another with just “a little fingertip pressure.”

The microfiber strap comes in two sizes - standard (adjusts from 43.5 to 63.5 inches) and extra short (39 to 56.5 inches) - and in a choice of either black or white with spooky red Slipknot-esque art.

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(Image credit: DiMarzio)
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(Image credit: DiMarzio)

The Jim Root #4 ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Strap is available for $29.99. To, um, strap one on, head to DiMarzio.