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Disturbed Singer David Draiman Sets the Record Straight on the Band's Hiatus

We've been updating pretty frequently about the impending hiatus of Disturbed lately. Instead of recapping (you can check out all the old stories to the left under the band image), we're just going to cut straight to the latest reaction from Disturbed vocalist David Draiman who recently talked to Revolver to once-and-for-all set the record straight about the band's upcoming break (not breakup mind you.) An excerpt from the chat is below, and you can read the full thing here.

“The absolute truth is we’ve been touring nonstop—make a record, tour, make a record, tour for 12 years straight, and it hasn’t afforded us the opportunity to do anything else as artists and individuals,” he says. “Our entire world has always been encompassed by Disturbed.”

Several factors contribute to the band’s decision to take time off, including the declining state of the music industry and the desire to explore other ventures, but right now Draiman is more concerned with quashing rumors and correcting erroneous reportage.

First and foremost, he insists there are no strained relationships within the band. “I want to make it very clear that it is absolutely, unequivocally not due to any animosity between band members because there is none,” he says. “I just had dinner with everybody for [guitarist] Danny Donegan’s birthday the other night. We had a great time. Danny and Mike [Wengren, drums] are standing up at my wedding, for God’s sake. There’s no animosity whatsoever. These guys are my brothers and we have a tremendous love and admiration for each other and this hiatus has nothing to do with any perceived or conceived infighting between the band members.”

To read more on the band's upcoming break and the reasons behind it, including Draiman's thoughts on the current state of the music industry, head here.