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Exclusive Premiere: Upon Wings — "Take Away”

Today, is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Take Away,” a song from Upon Wings’ Afterlife EP, which is due out Tuesday, March 5, via Sword of the Spirit Records.

The EP features guest vocals and production from Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, former Creed), guitars and production from Canadian-based musician Kevin Jardine and drums by Peter Tzaferis. Kid Rock recording engineer Glenn Brown mastered and co-produced the EP.

On “Take Away,” frontwoman Anne Autumn Erickson had this to say: “Musically, the song is one of the more symphonic-sounding tracks on the EP. Kevin’s layered guitar presence worked really well with the vocal lines, plus Peter’s thick drum sound. Lyrically, the idea of the song is that you have that person or faith in your life on which you lean. It’s saying, ‘You take me to a better place in this world.’”

Recording sessions for the EP’s single, “Afterlife,” took place at Johnny K’s Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, where Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind and many others have recorded. More sessions took place in the band’s home state of Michigan, Hestla’s Florida studio and Jardine’s Canada studio.

Learn more about Upon Wings at their official website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Upon Wings' Afterlife EP is available for pre-order on iTunes, and the single is out on iTunes and AmazonMP3.