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Exclusive: RPWL Premiere New Song, "Swords and Guns"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Swords and Guns," a new song by German art rock band RPWL.

The song is from the band's new album, Wanted, which is available today, March 18, through Gentle Art of Music.

RPWL were recently confronted with a difficult question: How do you follow up an epic album, the Nietzsche-themed Beyond Man and Time? The answer: Tackle a huge topic on your next album — the ultimate liberation of the spirit. As a result, RPWL bring the concept album to a new level.

RPWL consists of Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboard), Kalle Wallner (guitar), Marc Turiaux (drums), Markus Jehle (keyboard, piano) and Werner Taus (bass). Here's how Wallner explains the track:

"Carried by my aggressive guitar riff, the beat marches ahead angrily and finally flows into a chorus that breaks through the dark clouds of the crusades and displays pure desire."

For more about the band, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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