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Exclusive: RPWL Streaming New Album, 'Beyond Man and Time'

Buckle up, because this morning we're bringing you a surreal ride through the world of thoughts and forms, soundtracked by the new album from German art-rockers RPWL. Stream Beyond Man and Time in its entirely below.

Beyond Man and Time is the band's first concept album in their decade-plus career, a feat the band didn't initially set out to accomplish.

"It was not really planned at first," said guitarist Kalle Wallner. "All our albums had a kind of one main topic, but not a complete story. We discussed some lyrics and listend to some very rough demos. With this foundation in mind we thought that this philosophic main idea would be awesome to create a story with all these figures."

You can read our complete interview with Wallner here.

Beyond Man and Time is due out tomorrow via Gentle Art of Music/E1.