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Flaming Lips to Release 24-Hour Song Inside of a Human Skull

I'm a huge Flaming Lips fan, but let's face it, they're not the most requested artist here at Guitar World.

Fortunately, though, we recently added a WTF section on the website, and anyone who knows the Flaming Lips knows that they fit perfectly within that category.

The latest batch of wackiness from the Lips -- after releasing a six-hour song -- is that the band are planning to record a 24-hour-long song. If that's not WTF-worthy enough, the final product is to be released inside a human skull. No, not a gummy human skull -- they did that already -- an actual human skull.

Of course, the idea hasn't been without its share of detractors, but Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has defended the idea, telling CMU: "Nothing that we’re doing is bizarre or illegal. Heads come into this place and they have these flesh-eating beetles –- I would have tweeted a picture of it, but they don’t allow it -– [they] literally eat every molecule of flesh off of these things and you’ll end up with a human skull."