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Hear Gamechanger Audio's one-of-a-kind Bigsby Pedal in action in this surf-tastic demo

When Latvian effects mavens Gamechanger Audio first announced the Bigsby Pedal earlier this month, the company promised that the innovative polyphonic pitch-shifter would be sonically indistinguishable from the none-more-iconic vibrato unit from which the pedal takes its name.

A steep claim, for sure, but the first demo video of the pedal – featuring five of Gamechanger's employees jamming on a sun-soaked instrumental with some unexpectedly modern, fleet-fingered twists in the second half – makes a pretty convincing case. 

Yes, the pedal – designed with the assistance of Fender, which acquired Bigsby at the start of 2019 – delivers the greasy, attitude-filled rockabilly bends and twang so associated with the original Bigsby, but from the sounds of it, it's far more than a one-trick-pony.

Gamechanger CEO Ilja Krumins – with the Bigsby Pedal at his feet and a hot-rodded, T-style guitar in hand – uses the pedal as the perfect seasoning for some more 21st century, octave-hopping shred work that will (perhaps unsurprisingly, given the company's previous collaborations with him) definitely bring Jack White to mind.

Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

(Image credit: Gamechanger Audio)

The pedal features Rate, Bend and Depth controls, plus an Invert switch on the back panel to change the direction of the pitch shift.

Its proprietary pitch-shifting algorithm hones in on lower-interval pitch bends, while its spring-loaded foot controller – built with custom-molded metal parts – aims to capture the original Bigsby's feel and sound.

Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

(Image credit: Gamechanger Audio)

The Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal can be preordered now for $379, with an expected delivery time of 5-8 weeks.

For more info on the pedal, stop by Gamechanger Audio.