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Gene Simmons on New Kiss Album: "All The Songs Are Arranged and Written"

In a new interview with QMI Agency's Darryl Sterdan, Kiss bassist/singer Gene Simmons revealed that the band's latest album is nearing completion. You can read an excerpt from the conversation below:

Q: What can you tell me about the new Kiss album?

A: "We have all the songs arranged and written and all that. Like Sonic Boom, all the songs were written by the band. Paul (Stanley - vocals, rhythm guitar) is producing this one too. The first day in the studio, we cut two songs. So we're steaming ahead, not thinking too much about it."

Q: Are you aiming for the same late-'70s vibe as Sonic Boom?

A: "It's not just late-'70s, it's the classic sound of all time. Styles come and go; the only thing that sticks is the Rolling Stones and AC/DC, meat and potatoes stuff. That stuff is forever. When was the last time you listened to Men Without Hats? I personally would like to find the guy who came up with the name of that band. It's the stupidest name. You will never get laid with a name like that. Men Without Hats. Oh my fucking god. Kill me now. You might as well wear a T-shirt that says, 'Please beat me up'."

Read the full interview here.