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Get a taste of Revv’s G3 and G4, two high-gain distortion pedals par excellence, in Cooking with Sound

Cooking with Sound is the Guitar World show where we test the latest and greatest electric guitar gear and eke every last drop of tonal flavor from the resulting concoction.

Revv’s G3 and G4 distortion pedals are the latest products to hit the GW studio, and they bring with them an unholy amount of gain - enough to add an extra channel to any amp.

Case in point, GW’s own Paul Riario and Alan Chaput are running the pair into Revv’s clean-voiced D20 head - the results speak for themselves.

The video shows you the differences between the two stompboxes: the G3 leans towards more mid-pushed tones, while the G4 takes that to the extreme, with highly saturated sounds.

In combination with Sterling by Music Man’s dual-humbucker Jared Dines signature model, the final result is grin-inducing distortion with frankly ridiculous sustain.

If that sounds like your high-gain bag, head over to Revv Amplification.