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Get more out of your pedalboard with Electro-Harmonix's $39 Cntl Knob static expression pedal

Electro-Harmonix has announced the Cntl Knob, a cunning, compact ‘static expression pedal’ that aims to add flexibility to your existing pedals.

Essentially, the Cntl Knob allows you to set two preset values on any pedal with an expression output jack.

Electro-Harmonix Cntl Knob pedal

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

There are two knobs to control the presets - fully counter-clockwise is the heel position, while fully clockwise represents the toe-down.

In addition, there’s a TRS+/- button to match the Cntl Knob’s expression polarity to your pedals, while LEDs indicate which knob is active. It runs from a standard 9V power supply.

The Cntl Knob marks the first mini pedal we’ve seen from Electro-Harmonix - which hopefully points to more in the not-too-distant future.

With that small form factor, we expect to see a bunch of these cropping up on pedalboards - especially given the $39 asking price, which even includes a six-foot TRS cable.

For more info, head over to EHX.