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Guitarist's Hair Catches on Fire Onstage—and He Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Arena-rock cover band Hairball played a gig last weekend in Sioux City, Iowa, and during their performance of Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City,” singer and guitarist Bobby Jensen (performing in full “Paul Stanley” regalia) was hit with a spark from a blast of pyro that ignited behind him on the stage.

The spark lit Jensen’s hair on fire, but, impressively, he continued to play, seemingly unaware of the flame shooting off the back of his head. 

After his bass player tried unsuccessfully to put it out while still holding down the rhythm, the band mate signaled for help to two offstage crew members, who then ran out and proceeded to put out the fire.

And Jensen never missed a beat.

"I live an Evil Knievel kind of life, so if I'm on fire a little bit, I don't care, that's just part of the fun," Jensen explained in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. "I knew I was on fire right away, and that wasn't a wig, that's my hair. It was really nice and foofy before the show, now I have a much better Alice Cooper cut."

Jensen also said that his new viral fame reached all the way to the original Hottest Band in the World. "My friends in Kiss got a hold of me already, and asked me if I was alright. They saw the video, they said 'hey are you OK? F--- man, you just stood there and kept on singing."

For more information on Hairball, who bill themselves as “A Bombastic Celebration of Arena Rock,” head over to their official site.