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Halcyon Way Premiere New Song, "World Comes Undone" — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "World Comes Undone," a new song by Halcyon Way. The track is from the band's upcoming album, Conquer, which will be released August 19 via Nightmare Records.

“'World Comes Undone' is one of my favorite tracks on Conquer," says Halcyon Way guitarist Jon Bodan. "To me, it’s one of the riffier tracks, and it hits all of the high points we’re known for — the thrashy riffs, lots of nice groove changes, a big chorus and lots of sexy vocal harmonies, plus a tasty guitar solo.

"The intro riff has a nice thrashy feel, with some diminished intervals and harmonies. When the verse kicks in, it goes into a Pantera sort of groove, and the guitar riff is deep in the pocket but has a cool, technical streak.

"The chorus has a nice groove as well; it’s good and catchy, and it has some interesting layers to it. Once you get to the bridge, we modified the intro riff a bit to give it more of a groove, and the solo is very vocal and slinky. I like to make sure my solos take you somewhere and give you some melody you can latch onto but have them move and build up.

"Gear-wise, I used my usual arsenal. Guitars were all Brian Moores, mostly my C90 Nailhead Signature Model with EMG 81/85 wired at 18v, although I have five of their axes. We used a combination of my Framus Cobra, some Kemper modeling amps and some other things here and there on the amp front. I use an InTune 1.5mm Gripp-XB pick; it’s nice and sturdy and it helps get a lot of good right-hand attack. The artificial harmonics sing out nicely with it.

"We think this is a cool track and hope everyone digs it! If you like what you hear, do us a favor and hit up Amazon, iTunes or our website and pre-order Conquer.

For more about the band (and to pre-order Conquer), visit

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