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Has The SoundFile unlocked the secrets behind peak fingernail performance for fingerstyle guitarists?

The SoundFile nail file
(Image credit: SoundFile)

While we’ve seen guitar picks that seek to bring out peak performance of your guitar, we've never heard of a nail file that aims to unlock the full tonal potential of your fingernails – until now.

If you are a classical guitar player disillusioned with your current nail care routine, fear not, for The SoundFile has vowed to help you unlock the secrets behind optimal fingerstyle performance with its boutique line of made-for-guitarists nail files.

Based in LA, the nail accessory specialist offers a range of ornate files that seek to help fingerstyle fanatics maintain the shape and form of their nails, which is said to ultimately result in improved tone.

Available in two distinct iterations, The SoundFile’s perfectly balanced nail files feature dual-sided Sapphire Metal or Nano-Glass filing blades, each providing different nail-shaping experiences. 

The Nano-Glass files, for instance, prevent micro-fiber tears from occurring and weakening the nail, and promise a precise finish without ever compromising nail strength.

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SoundFile nail files

SoundFile Sapphire Metal Series (Image credit: SoundFile)
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SoundFile nail files

SoundFile The Scarlatti file (Image credit: SoundFile)
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SoundFile nail files

SoundFile The Espressivo Scott Tennant signature file (Image credit: SoundFile)
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SoundFile nail files

SoundPapers (Image credit: SoundFile)
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SoundFile nail files

SoundFile Master Set (Image credit: SoundFile)

They also boast premium tonewood handles, which are composed from a variety of woods including African Paduak heartwood, Raintree wood, Caribbean rosewood and more.

While it may seem excessive for pick-loyal players, the SoundFile line has received plaudits from numerous fingerstyle heavyweights, including GFA-winner TY Tengyue Zhang and Grammy-award-winner Scott Tennant, who even has his own signature file – The Espressivo.

“These SoundFiles are really like surgical devices for the nails. I’ve never been able to shape mine with such precision,” says Tennant, with Zhang adding, “The SoundFile is changing the future of nail care. A must have for every guitarist.”

Also available is a pack of SoundFile finishing papers, which are composed of 500 grit open-coat silicon carbide “to achieve a glass-like finish to your nails for optimal performance”.

According to the company’s “fileosophy”, “Nail care is much more complex than just the right filing angle, it’s the shape of your nails, more than their length, that will make or break your sound.

“If you’re looking for any nail file, you can go to your local drugstore, but if you’re looking for an exceptional nail filing experience, great sound deserves a great file. We use select exotic tonewood handles that are perfectly balanced like an instrument."

The Sapphire Metal files are available for $12, while the Nano-Glass ones list for $18. SoundPapers are available separately for $2.50 per pack, or as part of a Masters Set, which costs $45.

For more information, head over to The SoundFile.