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Headbanging Italian guitarist plays Slayer from his balcony during coronavirus lockdown

Enrico Monti plays Slayer on his balcony in Italy
(Image credit: Enrico Monti/Facebook)

As gig schedules worldwide are wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic, one enterprising - and self-isolating - Italian guitarist generously took to his balcony to deliver a one-man metal show to his nearby residents.

Enrico Monti, guitarist for Italian death-metal band Skulld, lugged his 1x12 combo and ESP electric out on to his balcony to blast the first few riffs from Slayer’s thrash anthem Raining Blood.

Although Monti can be seen merrily chugging away, his neighbors look less enthusiastic, judging by the bemused expression on an elderly bystander’s face.

Italy remains under lockdown in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19, with residents nationwide flocking to their balconies to sing patriotic songs or play instruments - but it’s fair to say none of the performances thus far have been quite as heavy as this.

Michael Astley-Brown

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